ethikos: Examining ethical issues in business since 1987

Founded in 1987, Ethikos is a bi-monthly publication that examines ethical issues in business.

From its inception, Ethikos has examined changes in the corporate ethics scene from the viewpoint of those involved: compliance officers, ethics officers, ombudspersons, practicing professionals in law, accounting, management, and government.

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The publication reports on organizations' good and bad experiences in the business ethics and compliance area. Recent articles include:

  • How Cisco Transmits Ethics To a 'Wired' Workforce
  • How Coca-Cola Structures Its Ethics Line
  • When Nexen Evacuated Its North Sea Platform
  • Taking the Floor at Novartis' Ethics Meetings

"While attending a Conference Board-sponsored ethics and compliance officer seminar last October, the question was asked: what do people in the ethics and compliance fields read? The overwhelming response was Ethikos...."

-- Dr. James Weber, Professor of Business Ethics and Management, Duquesne University